Business School Reinvented

Welcome to SVBS, Silicon Valley Business School. We deliver contemporary up-to-date online courses and prepare students to become the next-generation of startup entrepreneurs and high-tech business leaders. Here at SVBS, we are intent on improving the quality and relevance of business education while slashing the costs.

We specialize in topics synonymous with Silicon Valley and the high-technology sector. In areas such as entrepreneurship, digital marketing and patent strategies, we are confident our courses are unmatched. Our courses teach practical contemporary skills for modern business.

Unlike traditional business schools, our approach is to integrate business aspects of law with finance, marketing and business strategy. We believe the CEO's of tomorrow will understand how to negotiate and structure significant business transactions, will appreciate patents and intellectual property strategies--and multi-disciplinary skills will be necessary for success in all high-growth industries.

SVBS student wins Prestigious Entrepreneurship Award

David Osei, founder of the Ghanaian startup selected as winner of the Grand Prize in the prestigious Global Startup Open Competition comments: 'SVBS has a well deserving name, "Silicon Valley Business School". For startups like mine looking to have monumental success like what we see and read about in Silicon Valley, there is no better place to learn those tips and best practices than from SVBS. Lessons I took at SVBS equipped me with the necessary knowledge needed to manage and grow a startup.'

Coming Soon: SVBS MBA

We are preparing for a launch of our radical, new MBA program. When the necessary licensing and accreditation processes have been completed, we plan on launching our MBA. Watch this space.