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Welcome to Silicon Valley Business School publications. Our mission is to make quality, relevant business education accessible and available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. To achieve this goal, we’ve spent many years developing a curriculum of affordable online business school and law school courses and published a wealth of valuable educational content on our website for free.

Online Courses & Knowledgebase for Entrepreneurs, their Advisors and Investors
As well as providing the most detailed and relevant courses for entrepreneurs, we’ve assembled an extensive knowledgebase of information designed to act as a reference guide to founders, investors, advisors and anyone involved in guiding a Silicon-Valley style startup toward success.

Online Courses for Patent Professionals
Although most of our intellectual property courses cover the same material as you would find in a typical U.S. law school program, the Patent Strategies course is somewhat unique in the way it covers patent monetization and explains how the patent marketplace works.

Online Courses for Sales & Marketing Professionals
Marketing, sales and business development have been transformed by technology emanating from Silicon Valley and our courses cover the latest trends and techniques.

Online Courses for Management Professionals & Corporate Employees
It’s never been easier or more cost-effective to find and take relevant, contemporary courses on key aspects of business. Our catalog offers more than 20 courses designed to help employees learn valuable skills and help employers develop a more effective workforce.

Online Courses for Lawyers & Legal Professionals
You will see that we combined courses typically found in law school with our business school programs. Topics such as sales contracts, business formations, patents, IPO’s, mergers, acquisitions all involve big dollar budgets, all are important aspects of business and we believe they are all essential components of a business education for everyone, not just attorneys. For law school students, our courses cover all the essential materials you need to pass the bar exam—in any state. For licensed attorneys, our catalog of legal courses is set to grow as we introduce Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs in the coming months.

Feel free to browse our free courses and materials. If you're looking for a credential, take a look at our certificate courses.