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Civil Procedure

Technology-oriented companies involved in patent licensing and other companies entering the US marketplace must be aware of the reach of the federal and state courts, and the procedures they will follow when they find themselves in legal disputes. Consumer class actions, product liability claims, patent, trademark and copyright infringement are examples of the types of disputes executives in Silicon Valley corporations are required to deal with. In this module, the student learns the basis of civil procedure in the U.S. Topics covered include personal jurisdiction, subject matter jurisdiction, venue, pleadings, service of process, joinder and judgments.

Free Course Sections
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Civil Procedure: Introduction
Civil Procedure: Personal Jurisdiction
Civil Procedure: Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Civil Procedure: Venue
Civil Procedure: Pleadings
Civil Procedure: Joinder
Civil Procedure: Service of Process
Civil Procedure: Discovery
Civil Procedure: Prior Judgments
Civil Procedure: Trial
Civil Procedure: Appeals
Civil Procedure: Alternative Forms of Dispute Resolution
Civil Procedure: Settlement, Decisions & Opinions
Civil Procedure: California Specific
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