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Sales: Organizing the Sales Team
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The most common ways a sales team can be organized is by geographic region, product line, channel or customer type. In this article, you will learn how Sales Teams are organized.

How do you avoid duplication of efforts by your salespeople? How do you avoid redundancies? How do you organize your sales force to be as efficient and effective as possible?

It is important to evaluate individual and team performance in order to determine how the sales force can best be improved.

In this article, you will get acquainted with how to write and implement a Sales Compensation Plan. You will also get acquainted with Sales Compensation formulas.

How do you build a sales organization for a company with a broad product portfolio? Should the sales organization be built around customers or products?

What is Inside Sales? How is it different from telemarketing?

  • Video ~ Inside Sales People Aren't Sales People

  • Video ~ Sales Territory Alignment

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