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Patents & IP: Role of the Jury
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  • Video ~ Apple Jury Foreman: Here's How We Reached a Verdict
Jury foreman in Apple-Samsung case explains how the verdict was reached.

  • Video ~ Apple v. Samsung: Inside the Jury Room
Analysis of how the jury reached their conclusions.

How Samsung challenges the verdict based on the disclosures of the head juror.

Apple versus Samsung: Full interview with the jury foreman.

Jury ignored Jury instructions in making its award by using the calculation theories of Apple expert Terry Musika, which she had ruled as legally impermissible before the trial ended. "In this case, it is apparent that the jury awarded 40 percent of Apple's expert Terry Musika's calculation of Samsung's profits".

BBC article on the Apple-Samsung case.

A debate has arisen within the legal community over the existence and constitutionality of a so-called “complexity exception” to the Seventh Amendment. This exception would give a judge the discretion to deny a jury trial in a civil case if he or she feels that the issue is too complex for a jury to decide properly. This piece discusses the constitutionality of the complexity exception and the arguments for and against its implementation, with particular emphasis on the application of the exception to patent infringement cases.

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