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Civil Procedure: Pleadings
Free Extracts from the Civil Procedure Course
Below you are free to explore extracts of the learning materials included in this course. If you're interested in educating yourself on these topics, we recommend that you review all these materials. If you're looking for a credential, please take a look at the certificate version of this course which will test your understanding of the materials and track your progress through the course until you have completed it and earned your certificate.

  • Video ~ Civil Procedure 5 -- Pleadings
This voice narrated slideshow presents information regarding "Pleadings" (i.e. formal written statements filed with the courts).

PDF slides for the learning material titled: "Video ~ Civil Procedure 5 -- Pleadings".

  • Video ~ General Pleading Requirements

  • Video ~ Counterclaims
What are counterclaims in federal court? This video discusses compulsory and permissive counterclaims in federal civil actions.

  • Video ~ Impleader
Video provides information regarding "Impleader" (i.e. where a defendant may join a third party to the litigation who may be liable for the plaintiff's claim against the defendant).

  • Video ~ Answer to the Complaint
Videos provides information regarding how a defendant can answer to a complaint (against the defendant) in a federal court.

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