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Civil Procedure: Joinder
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  • Video ~ Civil Procedure 6 -- Joinder

PDF slides for the learning material titled: "Video ~ Civil Procedure 6 -- Joinder".

  • Video ~ Interpleader
Video provides information regarding "Interpleader" (i.e. actions where a party subject to liability from competing claims joins the other parties in a lawsuit).

  • Video ~ Class Actions
What is a class action? This video discusses one type of class action where a representative of a class litigates on behalf of other members of the class.

A "class action" lawsuit is one in which a group of people with the same or similar injuries caused by the same product or action sue the defendant as a group. People seek justice in class action lawsuits when their injuries have been caused by defective products, including pharmaceutical drugs, motor vehicles and other consumer products, and medical devices. Other types of conduct over which people have sued as a class include consumer fraud, corporate misconduct, securities fraud, and employment practices.

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