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Forming a startup and navigating it to success involves a wide range of skills and expertise because you’re building a fully functional, profitable business. Here at Silicon Valley Business School, we specialize in real-world entrepreneurship and provide you with the information and guidance you need to avoid the pitfalls, map out your milestones, generate momentum along your route and ultimately achieve your goals. Nowhere else will you find the information you need to survive startup and ultimately cash out.

Whether you’re an active entrepreneur, mentor, investor or you’re just interested in the process of building a startup, Silicon Valley style, you’re invited to explore our free course extracts and use our free knowledgebase of materials. The extensive set of pre-prepared materials are ideal for incubators and startup mentors running their own programs and guiding startups toward success. If you’re looking for a credential, you can take our certificate course which will require you to answer quiz questions to prove your mastery of the materials.

If you’d like expert guidance on any of the courses or any of the topics you find here, you can subscribe to chat sessions with David Smith, an experienced entrepreneur, lawyer and founder of Silicon Valley Business School.

Free Course Extracts & Materials for Startup Founders & Advisors

These courses and materials cover all the aspects of building a successful business. Depending on the stage of your startup, some courses could be more valuable than others. You will see that each course digs into the subect matter in some detail. Unfortunately, there are no get-rich-quick schemes that work for everyone, and if you're going to become a successful entrepreneur, you will have to develop a wide range of skills and understand all the topics covered in these courses.


The following books are used extensively in the course materials and provided here for your perusal free of charge. Zero-to-IPO lays out the steps involved in building a successful startup venture, driving it toward a successful exit and is keyed to the milestones and maneuvers you see on the roadmap on the right. You will see the content and materials organized by milestones and maneuvers linked below.

The Patents, Cloaks & Daggers book is used in the Patent Strategies course and the Dollar Value book forms the text for the Valuation course.

Useful Forms and Agreement Templates

If you have any doubts or concerns about legal matters, you are advised to hire a licensed attorney. However, here are some forms and templates provided by attorneys active in the technology sector:

Startup Milestones En-Route to Cash-Flow Sale or IPO

For a startup that's building a profitable and cash-generating business, the milestones can be separated into four stages. Each of the stages is explained in the Zero-to-IPO book and the Entrepreneurship course.

Milestones En-Route to Asset Sale

Some startups, especially in the technology sector, are focused on building cutting edge technology and they're not looking to build a huge organization with fully functioning sales and marketing capabilities. The exit for product-focused startups can involve selling the company, and its technology and team, to a large corporation looking for new products and revenue streams. The milestones for such companies are identified below.

International Milestones

These materials are intended for startups going international and/or migrating to Silicon Valley or other tech hubs in the U.S.

Startup Management Maneuvers

Based on where the startup is in its journey, and the status of momentum (the buzz around the Company speed at which it's achieving its milestones), management has a number of maneuvers that can be implemented, each designed to help the company achieve certain goals or boost momentum.