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Management Maneuvers—Reinventing the Company
Radical Maneuver Involving a Total Reassessment of the Company and Business Plan

As your market moves on you, or you move into a new market, you may need to go through the process of reinventing the Company. A fundamental problem with your product, strategy or business plan will always prevent the company from making progress and hitting its milestones. Even if the strategy, product and business plan were perfectly matched to customer requirements yesterday, a shift in the market could cause a major mismatch today. Sometimes, the only way to boost momentum is to go back to basics and reinvent the company.

As well as repositioning the company in the market, this is often the best maneuver to fundamentally restructure, and slash, costs.
Steps in the Process of Reinventing the Company:
  • Alert Board & Win Approval
  • Appoint Restructuring Team
  • Gather Input—Ideas and Suggestions
  • Define New Vision & Mission
  • Define New Product Strategy
  • Define New Marketing Strategy
  • Define New Business Plan
  • Board meetings can be dull, predictable affairs. They’re certainly livened up when management, or someone else, alerts that board that the company has a fundamental problem that cannot be solved without going back to basics, re-examining out who we are, what we offer and what we’re doing here. A radical maneuver like reinventing the company requires approval and full support from the board—it also helps to win the backing of other investors and advisors.

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